Planning a gay wedding abroad

There are now an increasing number of countries where a legal gay marriage is possible. Consequently, you like many other gay couples may be looking to hold your wedding abroad to create a more memorable experience – you can also make the destination the location for your honeymoon. In addition to the details that need to be attended to with regard to a wedding, holding a wedding abroad requires some additional steps  to ensure that your marriage is recognised at home and legal.

Choose a destination

First, you should decide on a few places for your wedding and  investigate the authenticity of the marriage. This tool provided by the British Government will allow you to determine if the marriage is possible and valid in the UK.  Then a firm decision can be made as to the location of the wedding.  These are our top gay wedding locations.

Sort out the documentation

Documents such as birth certificates, passports and other documentation need to be gathered and organised in a folder. The exact requirement varies from country to country and needs to be checked carefully.  These documents may need to be authenticated and validated to confirm that they are genuine.

Start planning

Once these matters are taken care of the wedding itself can be planned. We can plan the wedding and help out with local arrangements for the venue, flowers, catering and other services.

You or the  planner, can then check with airlines and hotels for group rates, as discounts may be available if a sufficient number of people are going to the wedding with you.  Invitations should  be sent out well in advance as more notice is required for overseas weddings, so the guests  book time off work and make other arrangements. Typically, with overseas weddings a lot fewer guests will be able to attend. You will need to confirm numbers as soon as you can, so you can make arrangements with the wedding planner.

Once you have an idea of numbers, the venue should  be booked and you can start to think about menu choices and a cake.  The wedding planner can help with this as well as recommending a local photographer and a DJ or band for the reception.

You also need to think about what you will wear at your wedding and ensure that the outfits are easily transportable and will not be damaged in transit.

Finally, you should travel to the wedding destination about a few days or so before the ceremony, depending on the destination, to finalise details with wedding planner and to enjoy the final days of  your engagement before the big day.

By following these few simple steps, you can enjoy a wedding abroad and have the time of your lives.

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