Gay wedding etiquette

New traditions and etiquette for gay weddings is in the process of being created, it is now your chance to shape future gay wedding practice in the UK with your wedding planner.

Who pays for the wedding?

Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the wedding and the groom’s family pays for the honeymoon, but today many heterosexual couples pay for their own weddings with help from family members. The same can be said for gay weddings, as many gay couples now like to pay for their own weddings and honeymoon with parents and relatives contributing if they want to.

Who will walk down the aisle?

One of the traditional wedding customs is the walk down the aisle. Usually the groom goes first, followed by the bride with her father, but there are alternatives with same sex couples. One person can still wait by the altar while the other walks down the aisle or both can walk down the aisle together, arm in arm, or each can walk down the aisle alone or accompanied by a family member.  The choice is yours.

What about the wedding vows?

Gay couples may prefer to write their own vows but these should be an expression of the celebration and commitment to each other, as with any other wedding, and not a political statement. When the person officiating over the wedding is about to make the pronouncement, the wording can get tricky. One option can be “partners for life” rather than “bride and groom”.

Will you have a best man and maid of honour or best friends?

With regard to the wedding party the choice is yours. A wedding party can be family and friends; two women can have two best men or two maids of honour. There is always the option of not having any attendants at all.

These are some of the other exciting questions that you need to work through with your partner and wedding planner:

  • What finger will you wear your wedding ring on?
  • Who will give the speeches?
  • What will happen to your surnames?
  • Is it OK for guests to wear white if there are no brides?

It’s an exciting time and your opportunity to write the gay wedding etiquette book with your wedding planner.  Book your free wedding consultation now.


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