Venues used for same-sex weddings typically have a coordinator on-site and this is often marketed as a perk. However, venue coordinators concentrate on the venue and often leave couples with many unattended details that they assume the venue coordinator will take care of. The jobs of a venue coordinator and a wedding planner are very different and it is those differences that let you determine whether you need a wedding planner in addition to your venue coordinator.

Having an advocate for you and not just your venue

The primary obligation of a venue coordinator is to the venue whereas the primary obligation of a wedding planner is to the couple to be married. A wedding planner will do whatever is necessary to make a wedding a dream come true. Often, a wedding planner will work in the background so couples are shielded from unnecessary stress and worry.

Having someone with you during the wedding planning process

A venue or site coordinator is typically responsible for the activities that happen the day of the wedding. A venue coordinator is not there to help you select flowers, come up with that unique welcome bag, help with wedding attire fittings or any other detail imaginable. If you want someone you can work through every step of making your wedding day come to life, then you need a wedding planner as this is their job.

Having someone with you on your wedding day

A site coordinator will handle issues related to the venue on the day of the wedding, such as a problem with the caterer, but if you are looking for someone to be by your side on your special day, then you need a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator can see to issues such as missing boutonnières or any other details that can go awry on a wedding day—and most likely it is not the first time they have seen these issues and so know exactly what to do to ensure that the day goes smoothly.

Being able to choose someone to work with rather than the venue choosing that person for you

The last question to be asked is whether you want someone with experience at your venue or someone who is a perfect fit for you and your wedding. You select a wedding coordinator based on their web site, their work, an interview and reviews and you make the decision if this is the person you want to work with. You may find the perfect venue but then their coordinator is difficult to work with and your wedding plans become a fiasco. By picking your own wedding coordinator, you can ensure your wedding will be everything that you ever dreamed it would be.

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