How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner?

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Think about value not cost

The value of hiring a wedding planner is what you must look at rather than the cost. In the early days of professional wedding planners, they were associated with well to do grooms and brides for whom money is no object. In today’s busy world many couples are simply too busy to plan their wedding on their own. The less experience you have at planning big events the more likely you are to be stressed out  planning your own wedding and things can and do go wrong – spoiling a very special day.

A wedding planner saves you money

Often the value of hiring a wedding planner outweighs the cost in the minds of many grooms and brides. Spending money on a wedding planner will result in savings during the planning process, as  wedding planners are in a position to negotiate better rates with vendors than you can.

A stress free wedding

The value of a wedding planner is just as much about a stress free experience for you as it is about money.

The specific cost depends on the scope of the service

The fees that a wedding planner charges vary greatly depending on the services you choose. We can work with you to determine what you do and don’t need the wedding planner to do. It goes without saying that a planner in charge of every last detail will cost more than a planner that only assists with select parts of the process.

More likely to be a success

One of the biggest advantages to having a wedding planner, and something that is priceless to many grooms and brides, is that they are more likely than the  happy couple to be able to turn the vision for the wedding day into a reality. The lasting impression that a wedding planner can leave couples and their guests with is worth the amount of money they charge for their services. Couples are much prouder of their wedding when a professional steps in to plan it.

Make you create a vision to work towards

Your wedding planners will make it a point to ask you  how you want your guests to feel by the end of the wedding day – the vision. Then they take your  vision and use it to guide the planning process. This is an approach most couples wouldn’t think to take when planning their own wedding.

But how much does it cost?

If you simply want us to source gay-friendly suppliers or venues it might only cost a few hundred pounds. However, for the full wedding planning service, where we do absolutely everything for you, we typically charge 15% of your budget. The exact amount depends on location, the number of guests and how complex it will be to bring your vision to life.

If you would like to hire a wedding planner for your wedding,  book a free consultation today.


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